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5 reasons to choose SES electric scooter

India’s hustling and vibrant streets are experiencing a quiet yet phenomenal revolution, reshaping how Indians envision transportation. Though fossil fuels still rule over the Indian automotive industry, the shift towards EVs is steadily increasing. 

The majority of the Indian population considers two-wheelers as their primary and most preferred mode of transportation, and a similar trend can also be seen in the sales of electric two-wheelers. Electric two-wheeler sales skyrocketed to 305% in 2022, with an average monthly sales of 51,280 units

With fuel prices increasing rapidly, transportation expenses escalating, and petrol-based two-wheeler prices surging, people have started accepting electric scooters as the best alternative that aligns with their budget and helps them contribute to a greener planet. SES Electric Scooter stands at the forefront of this transformative movement, offering an ideal solution focusing on efficiency, affordability, and environmental consciousness with its wide range of electric scooters.

Here are five compelling reasons why SES Electric Scooters should top your list when you are shifting to an electric two-wheeler.

  1. They’re Affordable to Own  

Generally, when comparing the costs of petrol scooters, electric scooters might seem to be on the heavier side. But with the average cost of petrol scooters roughly touching Rs 1 lack and constantly increasing petrol prices, SES electric scooters prove to be an economically responsible choice for everyday mobility. And also, electricity rates are generally lower than petrol costs so that you can enjoy significant savings on your monthly commuting budget. With many government subsidies, owning an electric scooter is even more accessible now. Moreover, owning an SES electric scooter comes with the benefit of lesser maintenance cost as it has only fewer moving parts and simple mechanics compared to traditional petrol scooters. 

  1. Contribution towards a Greener World

In a world grappling with air pollution and health hazards due to pollution, our choices need to become conscious, which will guide us to be a part of the solution rather than adding to the problem. We can reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, greener world by choosing an SES electric scooter over a conventional petrol scooter. This can be a significant sustainable choice, paving a healthier and more prosperous environment for the future generation to live peacefully. 

  1. Pioneering Technology and Innovative Features

SES electric scooters are powered by pioneering technology and innovative features, making them not just about going green but about going smart. Our wide range of scooters comes with cutting-edge battery technology that ensures an extended range and faster charging times. Our smart features include tubeless tyres, which will help you enjoy every ride without any mess of flat tyres. The LCD display is one of the highlight features that help you monitor your battery levels. SES electric scooters have anti-theft alarms and handlebar locks that give you peace of mind, ensuring your ride is always safe and secure.

  1. Designed for Indian Roads and Traffic Conditions

Navigating through the bumpy roads and chaotic traffic of our roads have become an integral part of our daily life. And experiencing the sudden pop-up of people from nowhere can be nothing short of an adventure. That’s why SES Electric Scooters are thoughtfully designed to handle the unique challenges of our roads. Our scooters are equipped with reliable braking systems, robust build quality, and tailored with safety features that are best suitable for Indian road and traffic conditions. 

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  1. Strong After-Sales Service and Support

We believe that investing in a two-wheeler is not just a purchase but a commitment to an enhanced lifestyle. Understanding this, we will ensure that your purchase at SES will be marked by exceptional after-sales and customer support. We have well structures programme for the annual maintenance of the scooters. Moreover, whether to seek guidance, technical support or even a small query, SES Electric Scooter’s customer service is prompt and attentive in receiving and serving you. The three-year supportive warranty coverage and maintenance packages are additional assurance from our side to make your electric scooter ownership journey smooth and hassle-free as possible. 

Summing up

In the mosaic of depleting environment, rising climate crisis and exhausting fossil fuels, electric scooters emerge as an epitome of innovation and responsibility. Envisioning the future of transportation, SES electric scooters have come up with a wide range of distinct scooters that cover every need of people’s everyday mobility. 

As fuel prices soar, transportation costs rise, and our planet calls for a change, our electric scooters emerge as a refreshing breeze, offering a cost-effective, stylish, and environmentally friendly alternative. With cutting-edge technology, eco-conscious design, and a commitment to our customers’ financial well-being, it transcends traditional scooters.

Your choice counts, and by choosing SES electric scooters, it’s a declaration of progress towards a sustainable and healthier tomorrow. 

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