Important things you should know before buying electric scooter in India

Important things you should know before buying electric scooter in India

The rising popularity of sustainable transportation has made electric two-wheelers, especially electric scooters, an increasingly attractive option in India. With concerns about pollution, rising fuel prices, and the convenience of everyday commuting, electric scooters have gained traction as a sustainable and economical mode of transportation. 

However, investing in an EV is an intense decision. So you need to know all the details about the e-scooters, including their features, design, characteristics, outlook, and other crucial aspects that buyers should consider. 

If you are looking to buy a two-wheeler and thinking of a sustainable transportation, walk through this blog and understand all the essential things you should know before buying an electric scooter

Battery Life and Range:

One of the primary concerns for any electric vehicle is its battery life and range. Indian roads often require commutes of varying lengths, making it essential to choose a scooter with a battery that offers adequate range. Factors like battery capacity, terrain, rider weight, and driving habits can influence the scooter’s range. 

Also, one of the significant challenges for electric scooter riders in India is the availability of charging infrastructure. Unlike petrol stations, charging stations for electric scooters are not as widespread. Before buying, assess the proximity of charging stations in your area or consider investing in a home charging setup. 

So, the most significant and primary consideration for buying an e-scooter depends on how much you travel daily and the recharging network around you.

Performance and Speed:

Electric scooters vary in terms of performance and speed. Some models are designed for city commuting with moderate speeds, while others offer higher speeds suitable for longer commutes or highways. Understanding your commuting needs and the other scooter’s specifications, most importantly, motor power and maximum speed, should be considered when choosing the suitable e-scooter model for your requirements.

Cost of Owning, Operating and Maintenance:

While electric scooters save on fuel costs, the initial purchase price and maintenance expenses must be considered. Purchasing an electric scooter can be more expensive than that of petrol-based scooters. But, they have lower operating costs due to zero involvement of fossil fuels (petrol), and also the cost of electricity used for recharging the batteries is lower. Also, they generally have lower maintenance costs owing to fewer moving parts and simpler mechanics.

Regulatory Compliance and Supportive Policies:

Navigating through legal requirements is fundamental in purchasing a vehicle. Indian central and state governments, to promote sustainable transportation, provide many subsidies and tax exemptions. Check them before you decide to buy to get cost redemption. Registration and insurance for e-scooters differ according to their speed compatibility. Stay updated with all this information as it can be advantageous while buying an electric scooter. 

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Buying an electric scooter in India involves considering various crucial factors ranging from battery life to charging infrastructure, performance, cost, legal compliance, comfort, environmental impact, and long-term viability. Thoroughly researching these aspects will empower buyers to make a wise and informed decision that aligns with their commuting needs, budget, and sustainability goals.

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