Myth and facts related to Electric scooter

Myth and facts related to electric scooter

When an innovation, technology or product gets launched in the market and sees exponential growth, outsmarting its traditional counterparts, it will be surrounded by facts that are partially true or even completely wrong. Electric scooters are at the centre of the discussion in the two-wheeler market and among the two-wheeler purchasers. 

As e-scooters are new to the market and still in their establishment phase, it is only partially familiar to most of the common people. Moreover, it is surrounded by many misconceptions around it.

If you are planning to buy a new two-wheeler and have e-scooters in your thoughts, this article will debunk all the myth and facts related to Electric scooter you might have read or heard about it. We are here to help you by providing the actual facts about the e-scooters and guide you to choose the best scooter according to your needs. 

Myth 1: Electric scooters are costly

The fact is that buying an electric scooter is expensive. But we need to know that the price of their traditional counterparts (petrol-based scooters) are equally becoming expensive. A few top-end heavy-duty two-wheelers cost nearly a lakh and above, which is actually near to the cost of e-scooters. 

But electric scooters are much more cost-efficient once you own them. It runs on 1/10th of the petrol expenses, as the cost of electricity is comparatively lower than the price of petrol. When we compare the range of an electric scooter and the milage of a petrol scooter, electric scooters outperform and prove to be cost-efficient.

Moreover, electric scooters have fewer internal parts and require minimum maintenance. Considering all these factors, we can say that electric scooters are equally affordable and cost-effective.

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Myth 2: E-scooters and their batteries are hazardous

It is a misconception that e-scooters are riskier as their batteries might burn at any time. These days, most e-scooters come with Lithium-ion batteries, which are safer than traditional batteries. Many studies suggest that overheating issues will not result in e-scooters and batteries catching fire.

Myth 3: E-scooters are flimsy

It’s immature to consider electric scooters as flimsy or equate to toy scooters. But the fact is that e-scooters are robust and come with state-of-the-art technology that provides a joyous and safe ride to the rider and equally helps the environment from degrading further. 

They come in various styles, colours and looks. There are also multipurpose e-scooters like Tuff, our loader vehicle, exclusively for commercial purposes. Along with the rider’s weight, it can carry an additional 150 kg of load. We can vouch that e-scooters, especially SES electric scooters, have high-performance features, robust build, superb aesthetics and exceptional construction, which will give a fantastic riding experience.

Myth 4: E-scooters run out of charge quickly

E-scooters work similarly to petrol-based vehicles. We fill the fuel and travel distance according to the petrol availability and vehicle mileage and refuel them when the petrol quantity reaches the reserve level. 

Similarly, with e-scooters, you need to charge your battery and can ride your scooter till it can touch its range. The average range of our e-scooters at SES is 70-160 Km, so you need to re-charge them after covering these limits. 

As we got used to refuelling regularly, we can quickly adapt to recharging the batteries of e-scooters regularly. However, recharging the batteries takes time and effort. So, we need to plan ahead and keep the batteries charged. 

Myth 5: Electric scooters are equally bad for the environment

With the fossil fuels fast depleting, the climate crisis peaking, and the ecosystem degrading, we need to be mindful of the carbon footprints we leave out. It is high time to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, stopping the environment from further depletion and helping it slowly heal. 

Though manufacturing every vehicle (whether electric or gasoline-based) requires equal extraction of natural resources, we need to consider the effects it adds to the environment when in actual use. Using gasoline-based vehicles is a significant cause of air pollution and noise pollution.

Electric scooters don’t emit any greenhouse gases while in use. Also, they produce very minimal noise while riding around, significantly reducing noise pollution. Choosing an EV is not just good for you but also for future generations to enjoy a greener and healthier life.

Summing up

As we have debunked some common myths about e-shooters, you can now consider e-scooters as your next two-wheeler choice. If you want more information on choosing the e-scooters, check our blog; it will guide you with all the necessary information you require. You can also get in touch with us, have a one-on-one information session, and our team will be happy to help you kickstart your e-scooter journey.

If you are already looking for a trustworthy, customer-centric e-scooter brand with a diverse collection of e-scooters that can satisfy everyone’s distinct needs, you are at the right place. SES vehicles have many electric scooter models perfectly designed for Indian people and terrain. They are high-performing, unique, reliable and affordable! Check out our products and contact us!

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