SES Tuff+ : India's First High-Speed EV Loader

SES Tuff+ : India’s First High-Speed EV Loader

Two-wheeler loaders are an integral part of Indian commercial transportation. From everyday trading to goods transfer, two-wheeler loaders can be used extensively for many commercial purposes. With the global trend towards sustainable transportation and logistics rapidly evolving, EV loaders (two-wheelers) are gaining more attention in the Indian transportation market. 

With India promptly trying to move towards zero-emission or emission-free transportation, SES Electric Scooters has come up with ‘Tuff+ : a high-speed EV loader vehicle. Tuff+ is our ‘make in India’ EV loader that will address all everyday commercial transportation needs in the most cost-effective, comfortable, and eco-friendly way. 

Tuff + is India’s first high-speed EV loader with a superior load-bearing capacity. With Tuff+, you can easily ride around short and long-distance in every terrain with great fun and safety. Stay through the article to learn more about Tuff+!!

How is an EV loader different from traditional loaders?

EV two-wheeler loaders and traditional petroleum loaders have similar functionality and body structures. The significant distinction is that the EV loader runs on the battery’s charge, and traditional loaders run on petrol. 

Batteries of Tuff+ are made of lithium-ion and created with high efficiency and durability. With a portable auto-cut smart charger, you can conveniently charge the batteries and keep moving for your daily commercial activities. 

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Why invest in SES Tuff + for everyday commercial commutes?

  • Affordable and Low Maintenance

Owning an EV might be at the upper hand or price, but when we consider the long run, they are affordable and cost-effective. Gasoline-based loaders largely consume fuel, requiring daily maintenance and high upkeep costs. With a Tuff+ loader, recharging costs are lower, and maintenance costs rarely occur as they come up with minimum integral parts. In fact, SES Tuff+ has a tubeless tyre to permanently fade the worry of flat tires. 

  • Speed & Range

Tuff+ is India’s first high-speed multi-utility loader. It can run at a maximum speed of 60 km, which makes it the most suitable everyday commercial commute. Tuff+ comes with a range of 150 km. The battery takes 6-7 hours to charge fully. So, if you charge once, it will be sufficient for your daily transportation needs.

  • Load Bearing Capacity

In Tuff+, you can carry a load of up to 150 kg in addition to the rider’s weight. To carry the loads comfortably, we have designed the loader with a wide spartan, a large luggage rack at the back and a multipurpose carte in the front. 

  • Compact, Robust and Stylish

Tuff+ looks elegant and feels comfortable with riding with heavy loads. We have designed it with a robust exterior build and give maximum attention to provide plenty of space and comfort for long rides with loads. With Tuff+ built quality, riders can ride in any terrain smoothly without any discomfort. The EV loaders are less heavy, making riding even on challenging roads more convenient.

It also comes with state-of-the-art features and accessories like a central locking system, Bluetooth speaker, GPS, anti-theft alarm, mobile holder, and a digital display which is enabled with a speedometer, odometer, state of charge (soc), state of health, distance to km and Low charge indicator. 

  • Customer Service

With SES, we promise excellent customer service and relationships. From the day you start communication to post-purchase service, we will be there to provide consistent and timely support. Be it small doubts or an exchange of scooter parts, we will readily be there for your resort. We have collaborated with the best dealers, and they will also support you extraordinarily.

As you have all the details about Tuff+, we welcome you to have an in-person experience with India’s first high-speed loader. Get in touch with us and book your test ride now!

At SES, we aim to seamlessly blend riders’ convenience with sustainability to provide a smooth and green ride for the everyday commuting needs of Indians. We have a wide variety of electric scooters that are ultimately high-performing, unique, reliable and affordable!

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