Top 5 Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Top 5 Best Electric Scooter Accessories

As electric scooter in India continue to gain popularity, riders are trying different ways to enhance their experience and add personalisation to their rides. Adding various electric scooter accessories to your daily commute routine will improve your safety and convenience during rides and also add a touch of personalisation to your electric scooters. 

Whether you’re an electric scooter enthusiast, a newbie exploring the world of electric two-wheelers, a weekend explorer or a daily commuter, finding the best electric scooter accessories that can amplify your riding pleasure is crucial.

We are here to unveil the top 5 must-have electric scooter accessories that prioritise safety, convenience, and style, and make every ride an enjoyable and secure experience.

1) Helmet and other riding gears

When it comes to two-wheeler rides, safety must be the foremost concern. A high-quality, well-fitting helmet is an essential investment for every rider. A reliable, certified helmet is non-negotiable, as only it can protect your head from potential injuries in the event of a fall or collision. 

Look for lightweight yet sturdy helmets that provide ample ventilation to ensure a comfortable ride, even on scorching summer days. Additionally, you can have appropriate riding gear, such as gloves, guards, protective eyewear, etc. Choose them according to your riding conditions and purposes. 

2) First aid kit

A compact first aid kit is an indispensable accessory for every electric scooter rider. Accidents can happen when you least expect them, and having a first aid kit will come in handy during those times. A well-equipped first aid kit should include adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, adhesive tape, and pain relievers. 

You can opt for readymade portable first aid kits available in the market or make a custom-made DIY first aid kit according to your needs. Be mindful of the expiry dates of products and change them at proper intervals when unused for a long time. 

3) Basic repair tools

An essential tool kit can save you if you are stranded with a malfunctioning electric scooter, especially during a commute or an adventure. Ensure your toolkit is compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry it in your scooter’s storage compartment conveniently. 

One major problem with two-wheelers in India is flat tyres, but with SES electric scooters, you will never get to experience it. Our electric scooters are tailor-made with tubeless tyres and are troubleless forever. 

4) Seat Covers and Crash Protection

Efficient add-ons to electric scooters, like seat covers and crash protection guards, can significantly enhance the lifespan of your electric scooter. Seat covers can add a personal touch to your scooter. Go for waterproof and UV-resistant seat covers that are easy to install and clean, adding comfort to the ride. Additionally, installing crash protection guards around the scooter’s frame can safeguard it from scratches and dents, particularly in crowded urban settings. 

5) Mobile Mounts

Navigation apps have become an integral part of our everyday rides. A sturdy mobile mount allows you to access navigation apps and look for routes without compromising your safety or focus. Opt for adjustable and vibration-resistant mounts that securely hold your smartphone in place, even during bumpy rides or sudden turns.

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Wrap up

As you might be building a checklist of electric scooter accessories, we want you to remember that safety, style, and convenience go hand in hand. From safeguarding yourself with a reliable helmet and a first aid kit to staying prepared with basic repair tools, seat covers, crash protection, and a mobile mount for added convenience, these accessories are essential for every electric scooter rider. 

With these five must-have accessories, you can ensure that every ride is a seamless, secure, and enjoyable experience. So, gear up, stay safe, and let your electric scooter take you on unforgettable rides, leaving you with lasting memories and a passion for sustainable mobility.

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