Top 5 electric scooter dealers in Odisha

Top 5 Electric Scooter Dealers in Odisha

Electric scooters have emerged as a go-to choice for sustainability-conscious riders in the fast-evolving landscape of two-wheeler transportation. Odisha, a state known for its natural beauty, rich ecosystem and cultural heritage, is also quickly embracing this eco-friendly trend. Two-wheeler riders here in Odisha are becoming aware that e-scooters are super affordable and best-suitable for their terrain. 

As the demand for electric scooters is steadily increasing in Odisha, we have come up with five top electric scooter dealers in Odisha here. These dealers are customer-friendly and trustworthy and will help you start your eco-conscious two-wheeler journey smoothly. 


Ashirbad Automobile Division is located in the heart of Bhubaneshwar and works continuously to cater for the demand for clean and sustainable transportation in the capital city. They are a trusted partner of SES electric scooters and endlessly strive to provide excellent customer service. 

Contact: Raman Panigrahi 

Address: Damana Square, Bhubaneswar – 751001,

Phone: 9437025252 / 9777705454 



Krishna E Auto, situated in the beautiful city of Puri, is another esteemed dealer of SES Electric Scooters. Rahul and his dedicated team are dedicated to making the temple city of Puri go eco-friendly and sustainable, ultimately enhancing its charm and greenity forever. 

Krishna E Auto provides a wide range of electric scooters and actively helps residents and tourists explore the latest e-scooters, which allows them to understand the need for a shift towards eco-friendly commuting options.

Contact: Rahul

Address: Dolomandap Sahi, Puri – 752001

Phone: 9861343377


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M/S. Sriram Motors, situated in Dungurpali, plays a vital role in connecting rural communities of Orisha with SES Electric Scooters. They understand the significance of two-wheeler transportation in rural areas and how electric scooters can be a great solution to the daily commuting needs of people there. They are best known for their quick response to customer queries, and their post-sale customer service is excellent. Their main motto is to make electric scooters accessible to all in rural areas in and around Dungurpali, and they keep spreading awareness about sustainable transportation among rural communities.  

Contact: Benudhar Meher 

Address: Holding No. – 291/241, Plot No. – 223/1422, Baidupali Main Road, Baidupali, Rampur, Dungurpali, Odisha 

Phone: 8637257003


Maa Mangala Motors is a renowned electric scooter showroom in Bargarh with a diverse collection of models. They understand the varied needs of their customers and recommend the best available e-scooter option to their customers. Dinabandhu Sahoo and his team have made it their mission to promote electric scooters in the region, as it helps to make their place cleaner, greener and healthier to live in.

Contact: Dinabandhu Sahoo

Address: Atabira, Bargarh, Odisha

Phone: 9437175178



Panna Enterprises, located in the industrial city of Rourkela, is a key player in the electric scooter market. They have all the models of SES electric scooters. They stand high among their competitors through customer satisfaction by extending endless pre and post-sales support, timely delivery, and a fantastic customer-centric culture. 

Contact: Narayan 

Address: Bisra Road, Rourkela, Sundergarh – 769002, Odisha 

Phone: 9304098998 


SES Electric Scooter is honoured to collaborate with these top-notch electric scooter dealers in Odisha who carry a similar vision of building a cleaner and more sustainable future. They all actively guide people in adopting sustainable everyday transportation in their respective regions and help us get close to the people by providing access to our range of electric scooters.

We assure you that our trusted partners will provide exceptional customer support and guide you through your e-scooter journey. If you cannot get in touch with them, contact us; we are here to help you. 

Together, let’s make a positive impact on our ecosystem, reduce air and noise pollution, and move sustainably!

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