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SES Electric – The first choice for all-electric vehicle needs in India. Whether a short-distance commute or a long-distance adventure, our e-scooter is the best Electric scooter available in India that caters to all your needs.

Presenting you with the newest and best electric two-wheelers which are economical, energy-efficient and practical as a means of transport.

We have it all here in our store regarding electric two-wheelers from leading manufacturers. Plus, you can find the ideal match quickly using our online tools and buying guide – regardless of cost or expertise.

Our goal at SES is to provide every customer with a memorable experience. Our dedication to customer service makes our product and service journey satisfying and enjoyable. We prioritize providing every customer with the best electric scooter in India – from commuter models to powerful performers and cheap models.

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Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in India as an eco-friendly and convenient way to get around. When choosing an electric scooter, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Range: Look for a battery range of at least 75-100 km on a single charge to comfortably complete your daily commute and errands without range anxiety. The higher the range, the better.
  • Speed: Opt for a top speed of around 25 km/hr for safe city riding. Faster scooters may require a license.
  • Safety features: Choose a scooter with essential safety techs like anti-theft alarms/locks, LED lights, and efficient brakes. Scooters approved by testing agencies like ARAI give added assurance.
  • Charging time: Look for fast charging of around 3-4 hours to return to the road quickly. Swappable batteries are also a good option.
  • Style: Select a color and design that suits your personality. Many scooters today offer customizable panels and accessories.
  • Warranty: Opt for at least a 1-year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.
  • Company reputation: Established companies with experience in electric vehicles often provide better after-sales support.
Test-ride a few options to choose a scooter that fits your needs and budget. Go electric for a greener, smarter daily commute!
Electric scooters in India start at under Rs 1 lakh, with premium models going up to Rs 2 lakhs plus. Major auto brands and EV startups like SES Electric offer feature-packed, high-performance electric scooters at competitive prices. As battery and motor technology improves, costs are reduced. Electric scooter pricing now overlaps with high-end petrol variants. Lower running costs also offset higher purchase prices. Electric scooters are becoming even more affordable with government subsidies and EV policies. Sales volumes are rising as prices reach inflection points for mass adoption. The future looks bright for electric scooters in India. Charging infrastructure expands nationwide. Pricing reaches parity with petrol models. Discover the best electric scooter for your needs and budget today!
Electric scooters are an eco-friendly, cost-effective choice for urban transportation. With zero emissions, electric scooters reduce air pollution in cities. Their silent, compact motors require little maintenance beyond battery charging. While petrol scooters can travel farther per tank, electric models provide instant acceleration and torque exceeding most petrol engines. Their space-efficient designs allow for urban maneuverability. With at-home charging and lower running costs per mile, electric scooters are ideal for short city commutes. Advancements in battery technology continue to widen the advantages of electric over petrol-powered models. Electric scooters are the smarter choice for city dwellers for environmental benefits, low maintenance, and cost-efficiency. Go electric, go green!
Electric scooters are revolutionizing short-distance urban travel. Their compact size and electric motors let you zip through city streets emissions-free. With a range of 15-30 miles per charge, electric scooters easily handle daily commuting and errands. Swappable batteries extend the range up to 100 miles. Electric scooters are fun and easy to ride at 15-20 mph. As battery and motor tech improves, expect more power and range. Electric scooters benefit commuters and the environment. Their small footprint makes storage a breeze. Electric scooters will become an even more practical option as sustainable urban travel evolves. With ever-better batteries, electric scooters have a bright future in cities worldwide.