3 things to consider before buying electric scooter

3 things to consider before buying electric scooter

Are you looking for a new vehicle for your everyday commute? How about considering a quick, lightweight, easy-to-ride, almost silent and super stylish two-wheeler? Moreover, you can ride that in 1/10th the price you spend on petrol? 

Isn’t it interesting?

Yes, electric scooters can remove your worry about your daily petrol budget and help you move easily for short and nearby daily trips. Electric scooters are stirring up the Indian two-wheeler market with massive sales of more than 6,15,000 units in 2022.

Indians are fast adapting to a sustainable lifestyle, and e-scooters are becoming a significant part of it. Though the price of e-scooters is comparatively higher than the petrol-based scooters, people have now started to look beyond that and realise that real affordability lies in purchasing the best suitable e-scooter.

But a real struggle starts when choosing the best available electric scooter among the ones in the market. With demand rising, many prominent EV (electric vehicle) players are launching a wide variety of e-scooters. 

Selecting one among them will be a confusing affair, so we decided to help you.

Stay through the article; by its end, we’ll equip you with all the details and information you need to understand before buying your e-scooter. 

1 – Understand the Design

The first thing to consider while buying an e-scooter is to check its design. Choose an e-scooter that is appropriate for your weight, height and personal style. You can go for robust-looking e-scooter models like Eagle and Bold for your office use or go with cool, lightweight and stylish ones like Zoom if you are a college-going young champ! You can also choose among our vibrant colour options for every model. Be it muted colours or dashing bright ones, we have them sorted for you.

Understanding the design of the e-scooters goes beyond seeing their aesthetic look. You need to look deep into their features and build quality. They must have all the convenient features like rear and front lights, tubeless tyres, LCD front display, anti-theft alarm, handlebar lock, and other intelligent features that could make your daily travel easier. 

The e-scooters should have wheels equal to or larger than 10 inches with a proper suspension system. You also need to check their brake system type and the stopping power it carries. You need to ask for the IP rating of the e-scooters, which will explain how effectively scooter parts are protected from the environment and how they can endure the worst riding conditions before suffering damage from elements like dust and water. 

One more important feature to check when purchasing an e-scooter is its maximum loading capacity. If you are looking for an e-scooter for commercial purposes, you can go with loader scooters like Tuff, which have an ample loading capacity of 150 kg, excluding the weight of the rider. They come with additional load-carrying features like a wide spartan, a massive luggage rack at the back and a multipurpose crate in the front.

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2 – Understand the Range and Battery Power

Range and Battery are the most important features to consider. The range of an electric scooter is the maximum distance it can cover in a single full charge. In general, e-scooters are low-range scooters that can be used only for short-distance rides. SES e-scooters come with varying ranges from 75 km to 160 km. 

You need to enquire about the battery capacity and recharging type. The most crucial thing to know about the battery of electric scooters is their charging time. E-scooters by SES come with fast-charging batteries with a minimum charging time of 4-5 hours. 

Most e-scooters come with a portable auto cut-off charger that will allow you to charge anywhere at your convenience. The portable battery option is an additional benefit, as you can take out the battery and charge it easily.

You need to check the life of the battery and its performance power. The life of the battery will see its wear and tear with every usage, so you need to know what it might cost to change the battery over the years. Check on the warranty the producers provide to the battery as it is the soul and heart of the e-scooters. At SES, we provide 3 years of extended warranty for our batteries!

3 – Understand the Speed

The maximum speed of the electric scooter is equally important as its range. Most e-scooters in the Indian market have top speeds between 20-30 mph. The SES electric scooters have a maximum speed of 25 mph. We are delighted to announce that we’ll launch a high-speed variant, fully made in India soon. Stay connected with us to know more details, 

The maximum speed of an e-scooter depends on a few other factors, including the terrain you ride, the scooter’s overall weight (including the weight of the riders and other loads), suspension and tires. If you need to ride uphill or over rough terrain, you need to check the performance capacity of the e-scooters according to your needs.

Key Takeaway

It is essential to make informed choices and decisions. While you are taking a step forward to heal nature and get greener, the decision should equally benefit you on a daily basis. These three pointers are basic considerations you need to check while purchasing an electric scooter. 

We advise you to be clear with your everyday needs and requirements of having a two-wheeler so that it will be easy to compare and contrast various variants of e-scooters available in the market and finally choose the one that is perfect for your requirements. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy, customer-centric e-scooter brand with a diverse collection of e-scooters that can satisfy everyone’s distinct needs, you are at the right place. SES vehicles have many electric scooter models perfectly designed for Indian people and terrain. They are high-performing, unique, reliable and affordable! Check out our products and contact us!

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