Are electric scooters safe in India?

Are electric scooters safe in India?

The advent of electric scooters has transformed the way we conceive the two-wheeler in Indian roads. The e-scooters offer an eco-friendly and affordable mode of daily commute with ultimate safety and convenience. 

However, as their popularity surges, concerns regarding their safety on Indian roads have become a focal point. With many instances of the e-scooter catching fire, stopping in the middle of the ride due to low battery charge and lack of charging facilities or network have given a bad impression on e-scooters. Electric scooter manufacturers in India are trying hard to rectify these issues and are coming up with suitable electric scooters for Indian needs, roads and terrain. 

This article will examine the advantages of electric scooter and their safety characteristics on Indian roads. Examining their safety involves scrutinizing regulatory standards, road infrastructure impediments, rider education, technological advancements, and the country’s future trajectory of electric scooters.

Regulatory Standards and Compliance:

Government bodies like the Automotive Industry Standards Committee and the Bureau of Indian Standards have established safety regulations for electric vehicles. These standards encompass critical safety parameters, including battery quality, speed limitations, braking systems, and overall vehicle performance. 

Despite these standards, there have been debates about the need for more stringent regulations to address various safety concerns, such as the quality of batteries, speed governance, stability, and structural integrity. So when buying an Electric Scooter, check for government authorization and clearance without fail.

Rider Education and Awareness:

Rider education plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safe usage of electric scooters. While some users are experienced riders, others, including first-time users, may lack proper knowledge of road safety rules and scooter handling. 

Though the riders of low-range electric scooters don’t require a driver’s license, they must undergo some training. Governments should develop initiatives promoting safety education and awareness campaigns that can greatly contribute to mitigating risks associated with electric scooter usage.

Road Infrastructure and Safety Challenges:

One of the critical factors affecting the safety of electric scooters in India is its diverse terrain and state of road infrastructure. India has various terrains like plains, hills, deserts, and coastal lines, and roads in these distinct terrains suffer frequent wear and tear due to India’s extreme weather conditions. 

Many areas grapple with inadequate roads, potholes, erratic traffic, and insufficient signage. These conditions pose significant challenges to riders, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Moreover, the coexistence of different types of vehicles, including cycles, motorcycles, cars, heavy loads lorries and pedestrians, adds significant complexity to the traffic landscape. Electric scooter riders must navigate through this diverse mix, often facing challenges in predicting the actions of other road users.

Technological Innovations for Safety Enhancement:

Advancements in technology have opened avenues for enhancing the safety features of electric scooters. Manufacturers like SES are integrating innovations like anti-lock braking systems (ABS), traction control, improved lighting systems, digital display, Bluetooth connectivity and advanced battery management to enhance rider safety.

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Electric scooters present an innovative solution for sustainable daily mobility in India. However, ensuring their safety on roads necessitates a holistic approach encompassing regulatory compliance, infrastructure enhancement, rider education, technological innovations, and the collaborative efforts of everyone on the roads. 

A concerted focus on these aspects will pave the way for a safer and more secure environment for electric scooter riders in India. Everyone needs to be equally responsible on the road to have a safe ride, while manufacturers must keep evolving with the best design and safety/security features. 

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