Benefits of having EV-loader

Benefits of having EV-loader

In recent decades, two-wheelers in India have played a major role in everyday commercial, economic and business transportation. India is at the peak of a wave and witnessing a remarkable shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly green transportation. Electric Scooter India is the current trend that helps people to get a step into a sustainable and greener lifestyle.

At the forefront of this shift lies a pivotal innovation: Electric Vehicle (EV) loader scooters. At SES Electric Scooters, we have introduced two EV loaders, ‘Tuff’ and  ‘Tuff Plus – India’s first high-speed EV loader’, already redefining commercial transportation on Indian roads. 

In this blog, let’s explore the multitude of advantages that come with integrating an EV loader scooter into daily commuting routines for your commercial purpose.


Despite initial investment, EV loader scooters prove cost-effective in the long term. They boast lower charging costs and minimal maintenance requirements compared to traditional petrol-based loaders, offering a financially prudent choice.

The EV loader 2 wheeler scooters are much easier to sustain and repair and do not need frequent replacement of costly parts. It is especially important for small business owners as they depend on their loaders to support their livelihoods.

Environmental Friendliness:

Operating on lithium-ion batteries instead of petrol, these scooters produce zero emissions, significantly reducing carbon footprints and supporting India’s commitment to sustainability.

Range and Battery Improvements:

Modern EVs, including loaders, continue to improve their range capabilities. Advancements in battery technology enhance the distance an EV can travel on a single charge, making them more practical for longer commercial commutes. 

The SES Tuff Plus is India’s first high-speed EV loader that stands out with a maximum speed of 60 km/h and a range of 150 km on a single charge. Its lithium-ion batteries offer high efficiency and durability, while a portable auto-cut smart charger ensures convenient charging.

Load Bearing Capacity and Design:

EV loaders come with additional spaces for carrying goods safely and securely. They have a spacious luggage rack and front carte to ensure hassle-free transportation of goods. With a capacity of carrying up to 150 kg in addition to the rider’s weight, the SES’s Tuff and Tuff Plus are designed with a focus on convenience and security. 

Low Maintenance Costs:

With fewer mechanical components and no need for engine oil changes or fuel filters, EV loaders have lower ongoing maintenance and service expenses, leading to overall reduced operational costs.

An EV loader bike can be more efficient than a conventional bike. Using a small electric motor consumes less power than a combustion engine, helping boost your daily travel performance. Riding an E-scooter will contribute to reducing emissions and benefit the environment.

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Government Incentives:

In many regions, Central and State governments offer incentives, tax credits, or subsidies for purchasing electric vehicles to promote greener transportation, making them more financially appealing and accessible. For lower-range EV loaders, registration is exempted and the rider doesn’t need a driving licence to ride the loader. 

Quiet and Smooth Ride:

Electric Loaders operate quietly compared to traditional petrol vehicles. So, along with reducing carbon footprints and air pollution, EV loaders helps to reduce noise pollution. This provides a serene and peaceful riding experience, contributing to reduced noise in heavy traffic areas.

Future-Forward Technology:

The EV loaders, especially Tuff and Tuff Plus, incorporate cutting-edge technology and features like digital displays, smart connectivity, and innovative safety systems. They represent a step into the future of transportation, promising continual advancements and enhancements, that ensure safe and enjoyable everyday personal and commercial transportation. 

Tuff is the best two-wheeler for carrying load because it offers superior load-carrying capacity and stability. With its robust build and reinforced chassis, Tuff can securely transport 150kg of cargo. Its low center of gravity and wider stance give it exceptional balance even when fully loaded, inspiring confidence in the rider.

Summing Up

Owning an EV loader such as the SES Tuff or Tuff+Plus aligns with both personal and global objectives, offering a blend of environmental responsibility, cost savings, technological innovation, and a smoother, quieter ride experience. As the world continues embracing sustainable practices, these electric loaders stand at the forefront of the transportation revolution, offering a greener and more efficient commute.

However, the electric heavy duty scooter advancements in battery technology continue to extend range capabilities. Electric scooters provide sufficient runtime for many applications while eliminating gas expenses and emissions. Heavy-duty electric scooters will grow closer to parity with legacy counterparts across metrics with further innovations.

As you know the advantages of owning an EV loader, we welcome you to have an in-person experience with India’s first high-speed loader – “Tuff Plus.”

Get in touch with us and book your test ride now!

At SES, we aim to seamlessly blend riders’ convenience with sustainability to provide a smooth and green ride for the everyday commuting needs of Indians. We have a wide variety of electric scooters that are ultimately high-performing, unique, reliable and affordable! You deserve to own and enjoy peace rides with the best electric scooter in India.

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