Maintenance tips for your escooty

Maintenance tips for your eScooty

Electric scooters are in huge demand as a popular mode of day-to-day transportation or commutation. A majority of the Indian population is relying on e-scooty because of certain features like comfort, convenience, and eco-friendliness. Apart from the compelling benefits of an Electric Scooter in India, it is often a fun way to commute around the cities.  

However, similar to any other vehicle, electric scooters need timely and reliable maintenance to ensure proper functioning and automotive body parts. It will further assist in ensuring smooth and safe running for a longer duration. Let’s explore some essential maintenance tips for electric scooters and keep them in better condition and with better aesthetics. 

1. Clean E-scooty Properly

Try regular cleaning of your electric scooter to avoid getting it damaged in the long run. It will help avoid the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris and maintain the look and aesthetics of your e-scooter. Prefer using a soft cloth combined with a mild detergent or cleaning material to wipe the entire electric Scooter in India. Your e-scooter tyres and confined areas will need special attention, as dirt in these spaces can impact the performance standards too. 

2. Check Tire Pressure

Appropriate tyre pressure is highly essential for the performance and safety control of electric scooters. Read electric scooter manuals and use a tyre pressure gauge to maintain the ideal tyre pressure. Under-inflated electric scooter tyres are likely to impact the efficiency and scooty riding experience. On the other hand, overinflated tyres can increase the chances of tyre pictures and other associated risks. 

3. Check and Examine Brakes 

Perform regular inspections and make sure that the electric scooter brakes are functioning properly. Look for the wear and tear of brake pads, brake cables, and other necessary parts. Replace the defective brakes and make sure they are able to provide the proper tension to slow down or stop your electric scooter. Test the brakes before every scooty ride to check their responsiveness and effectiveness. 

4. Tighten Loose Parts

In electric scooters and vehicles, vibrations during a ride can bind certain screws and bolts to loss with passing time. Keep examining your electric scooter from time to time and get all parts tightened to avoid any accidents. 

 5. Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubrication of electric scooter parts is a highly essential step to reduce friction and tearing. Apply good lubricant to the scooter’s chain, bearings, and other moving parts. You can even ask for the manufacturer’s recommendation to lubricate your electric scooter in the right manner. Note that we do not need to over-lubricate, as it can cause more accumulation of dust and debris. 

6. Check Battery Health

Being a very crucial part of an electric scooter, the battery’s health and stability should be checked quite frequently. Look for its voltage and capacity in the manufacturer’s guidelines, and maintain parameters to increase its lifespan. One major tip for the maintenance of E-scooty is to avoid fully discharging the battery to enhance performance. 

7. Park or Store Properly

Ideally, the electric scooter in India must be parked in a dry and cool place where there is no sunlight or moisture. Try to charge and disconnect the battery from the scooter if you’re keeping it at a specific place for an extended period of time. It is recommended to cover them with breathable and waterproof material to avoid building dust and moisture. 

8. Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

Hire a professional technician to do regular maintenance checks on your electric scooter. You can do the maintenance check on your own by inspecting all components and looking for any potential issues. Try maintaining a record of all inspections, repairs, and maintenance tasks performed for the e-scooter. 

Final Comments 

Hence, by following the maintenance mentioned above tips for Electric Scooter, you can surely enhance the life of your vehicle. Further, these will help in ensuring smooth and worry-free rides for many more years. Always note that a well-maintained electric scooter makes your commute enjoyable and safer for everyone. 

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