Specifications of high-speed eScooty Eagle+

Specifications of high-speed eScooty Eagle+

The commuting needs in India have changed a lot over the years, especially the two-wheelers, which have become a basic need of every household. As demands and needs increase, the two-wheeler market is also evolving simultaneously. 

The eScooty India market is also growing exponentially. With its commitment to green transportation and anticipating the needs and requirements of two-wheeler riders, SES has come up with a new electric scooter variant, Eagle Plus! 

As India’s leading electric scooter manufacturer, our products have taken a perpetual path. With Eagle Plus, we leveraged innovation to offer more features, comfort, range, convenience and safety in everyday commute.

Here’s all that you need to know about Eagle+

1) The Utmost Comfort and Convenience

Eagle Plus looks elegant and is designed with robust build quality and other convenient features like a digital display, Bluetooth speaker, anti-theft alarm, secure parking mode, ample front leg space, comfortable cushioned seats and tubeless tires. It is designed with proper suspension and ergonomics that make every ride comfortable on all terrains and rugged Indian roads. 

Eagle Plus comes in multiple colours, and you can pick the one that matches your personality. Eagle Plus is less heavy, and its body balance technology makes riding even on heavily trafficked roads easier for everyone. Its perfect seat height is an added advantage. We can customise the Eagle Plus with additional support wheels for people with special needs. 

2) The Ultimate Performance

Eagle Plus is one of India’s best high-speed e-scooters with a swappable battery feature. It can run at a maximum speed of 50KMPH. Eagle Plus comes with a range of 80Kms. With all the advantages of high speed EScooty, it is the best eScooty India and the most convenient two-wheeler for multiple purposes, like daily commutes to the office, college, and schools, long rides and commercial purposes.

3) The Uncompromised safety

The most crucial aspect that makes the Eagle Plus a go-to e-scooter is its advanced safety features that keep you safe no matter where you are destined to ride. The e-scooter has a combined braking system that acts smoothly in every situation, be it heavy traffic road, bumpy roads or uphill paths. 

Eagle Plus also has a strong LED front and tail light that makes night rides extraordinarily safe and fun. Two-wheeler side-stand is a handy feature that almost everyone uses, but it remains one of the main accident-causing reasons. Riding while the side stand is not correctly released can end up dangerous. As Eagle Plus has a side-stand power cut-off safety feature, we assure you of total safety. 

Eagle Plus’s one of the best features is its digital display. It includes and displays the speedometer, odometer, state of change, state of health, and distance to KM. It will help you to be mindful of the speed you are riding and be a cautious rider. With this display, you can also track the status of the battery and find a nearby station to recharge your battery when it drains. 

All these features comprehensively provide complete safety and make every ride with Eagle Plus safe, comfortable and joyous.

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4) The Finest Customer Service

At SES, we guarantee top-notch customer service and foster strong relationships. Our commitment begins from the first point of contact and extends through dedicated post-purchase support. Our team is readily available to ensure your needs are promptly met. From explaining and clearing customers’ doubts/queries to helping customers track with regular maintenance or helping them with replacements of e-scooter parts, we will be there for your quick support. Count on us to go the extra mile in ensuring your satisfaction.

Eagle Plus features would have captured your interest by now. But we suggest you to experience it in real time and take a test drive, as it will ensure you that Eagle Plus gives a supreme riding experience! Check for the showrooms near you and book your test ride now! 

At SES, we aim to seamlessly blend riders’ convenience with sustainability to provide a smooth and green ride for the everyday commuting needs of Indians. We have a wide variety of electric scooters that are ultimately high-performing, unique, reliable and affordable!

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