Top 3 electric scooter dealers in kolkata

Top 3 electric scooter dealers in Kolkata

India’s electric scooter market is growing exponentially, and to cater to the rising demands of e-scooters, SES is actively collaborating with various dealers in every major city of India. 

Kolkata is a bustling urban landscape where roads still have a perfect mix of traditional rickshaws and modern vehicles. Kolkata is also seeing a surge in people switching to eco-friendly transportation options for daily commutes. Two significant reasons for this switchover can be to preserve the cultural heritage and rich environmental ecosystem of Kolkata and, secondly, the rising petrol prices. 

So, we are here to help and guide the people of Kolkata in the search for trustworthy electric scooter dealers who will offer a seamless experience in discovering, test-driving, and investing in these state-of-the-art electric scooters. 

We present a comprehensive overview of the top three best electric scooter showroom in Kolkata that cater to the city’s diverse needs and preferences of electric scooter enthusiasts.

1) Alfomega Bikes

Alfomega Bikes has established itself as a key player in the electric scooter market in Kolkata. Their significant plus point is that they offer a friendly and informative environment for customers to explore and test drive various SES electric scooter models. They educate and provide complete knowledge on the scooter to the customers, allowing them to choose the model that aligns with their unique requirements. With a focus on building lasting customer relationships, Alfomega Bikes goes beyond mere transactions, striving to create a community of environmentally conscious and satisfied electric scooter owners in Kolkata.

Contact: Burhan

Address: 8, Bentinck Street, Taher Mansion, Ground floor, Kolkata – 700001, West Bengal

Phone: 6290855086


2) G.S. Enterprises

G.S. Enterprises has emerged as a trusted destination to buy electric scooters in Kolkata. Their primary emphasis is to promote the importance of eco-friendly transportation to the people of Kolkata and make e-scooters accessible to everyone. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their tailored services. They provide in-depth knowledge about SES electric scooters and guide the customers to make informed decisions. 

Contact: Saurav Lawrence

Address: Kajialpara (PO), Rajarhat, North 24 Parganas, Kolkata, WB – 700135, West Bengal

Phone: 7003361200


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3) Future Tech

Future Tech, a prominent electric scooter dealer in Howrah, is famously known for offering a seamless and informative purchasing process and perfect post-purchase relationship. Future Tech’s main aims are to contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious community in Kolkata and beyond through its commitment to sustainable transportation solutions and customer-oriented services. From the enquiry to purchasing the e-scooters and post-purchase services, Future Tech crafts a seamless, quick, responsive, transparent and informative customer journey. Their commitment to providing top-notch customer service sets them apart as a reputable and customer-focused SES electric scooter dealer in West Bengal.

Contact: Sanjiban Roy

Address: 103, Kalikundu Lane, Howrah, WB – 711101, West Bengal

Phone: 9433017147


SES Electric Scooter is honored to collaborate with these top-notch Electric scooter dealers in Kolkata and West Bengal, who carry a similar vision of building a cleaner and more sustainable future. They all actively guide people in adopting sustainable everyday transportation in their respective regions and help us get close to the people by providing access to our range of electric scooters.

We assure you that our trusted partners will provide exceptional customer support and guide you through your e-scooter journey. If you cannot get in touch with them, contact us; we are here to help you. 

Together, let’s make a positive impact on our ecosystem, reduce air and noise pollution and move sustainably!

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