Top Electric Scooter Dealers in Odisha

Top Electric Scooter Dealers in Odisha

The electric scooter market in India is on the boom, and that can be easily witnessed over the past few years. Some of the key reasons behind this market surge are the extraordinary features of electric scooters in India, like eco-friendliness, affordability, and convenience. Odisha, a popular Indian state for its rich cultural heritage and scenic beauties, is also having more demand for electric scooters and vehicles.

A huge section of the state population is joining the electric scooter revolution with open arms. If you’re the one looking forward to exploring top electric scooter dealers in Odisha, India, this article is going to help you make an informed decision for your next eco-friendly ride.

1. Panna Enterprises

Located on Bisra Road in Rourkela, Sundergarh, Panna Enterprises is one of the best dealers of electric scooters in India. Under the ownership of Narayan, this dealer offers various types of innovative electric scooters catering to your personalized experiences, preferences, and budgets.

Panna Enterprises is a definitive option to buy electric scooters in Odisha to experience sleek urban commutation or a quality riding experience.

Consider reaching out to Narayan at

Address – 

Bisra Road, Rourkela, Sundergarh – 769002

Contact – (Email)


2. Subham Motors

Subham Motors is another of the best electric scooter dealerships in Odisha (India). Located in Davla, Binka, in East Odisha, Subham electric store dealers provide high-quality two-wheelers combined with unparalleled customer service.

Regardless of whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced rider, you can find a personalized electric scooter buying experience to cater to your needs.

Reach out to Subham at

Address – 

Plot No. – 902/1763, Davla, Binka

Contact – (Email)

7978409023 (Phone)

3. Maheswari Motors

Maheswari Motors, located in Barpali, Bargrah, is another reliable electric scooter dealer in Odisha. Operated under the guidance of Motilal Patra, this dealer is dedicated to providing quality electric scooters backed by trustworthy support and service.

If you’re looking for an affordable or premium option with advanced features, Maheswari Motors has all sorts of electric scooters to meet your demands.

You can get in touch with Motilal Patra:

Address –

Plot No-34,jagannath Nagar, Barpali, Bargrah-768029

Contact – (Email)

8018281368 (Phone)

4. Shree Sai Auto

Shree Sai Auto is a one-stop destination in Odisha for all your electric scooter needs. Located on Bhapur Road in Dhenkanal and operated under the leadership of Nihar Ranjan Dash, Shree Sai Auto has one of the most extensive selections of electric scooters in India.

Visit this dealer store and shop for stylish electric scooters for the perfect sustainable ride.

To Contact:

Address – 

Bhapur Road, Plot No-1179/3035,Jublee Town, Dhenkanal – 759001

Contact – (Email)

9437053994 (Phone)

5. Punctuality Electronics

Located near Forest Colony in Khordaha, Punctuality Electronics is a reputable name among electric scooter dealers in Odisha. Led by Panchu Sahoo, this dealership store offers diverse categories of electric scooters with multiple features and benefits. 

No matter if your priority in an electric scooter is speed, range, cost, or anything else, Punctuality Electronics can fulfill all requirements.

To get more details:

Address – 

Plot No. – 2668/4037, Khata No.- 648/1059, Jjajar Singh, near Forest Colony, Khordaha – 752055

Contact – (Email)

9861237083 (Phone)

Final Words

Hence, in the thriving market of electric scooter dealers in Odisha, the availability of these trusted and reliable dealers is simplifying the purchase of your favorite vehicle. Check out the above-shared electric scooter dealers in Odisha and connect with them for further inquiries. Choose from a plethora of electric scooter options catering to your requirement of a slow-riding or fast-driving experience. 

So, why wait anymore and take the eco-friendly route with the best electric scooters in India from one of these trusted dealers in Odisha? 

SES Electric, a leading provider of the best electric scooters in India, fulfills the promise of offering exceptional and sustainable rides. With unparalleled commitment and dedication, we offer a wide range of all sorts of electric scooters to meet the rider’s needs and preferences. Engineered with top-notch precision and expertise, we send each scooter under rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure it meets your expectations in terms of performance, safety, and durability.

Regardless of whether you’re commuting to work in urban areas, exploring the city, or driving for adventure, you can always trust SES Electric for quality and service. Say no to traditional commuting scooters and yes to an eco-friendly ride experience with the best electric two-wheelers in India. Choose a reliable and efficient mode of transformation that remains in sync with your lifestyle and environmental benefits.

Moreover, SES electric scooters in India offer a comprehensive ownership experience with unmatched customer assistance. Our team helps you choose the ideal scooter for your frequent maintenance and repairs. Moreover, we help you ensure top-class satisfaction by buying your favorite and reliable partner for urban mobility needs.

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