India's first high-speed electric loader, the SES Tuff+, is set to revolutionize commercial transportation. Conceptualized in-house by experienced engineers and designed in India, the vehicle is eco-friendly, low-cost, and highly comfortable. The Tuff+ is developed with a supreme load-bearing capability that facilitates safer transportation on the rough and defective roads of the country. That consists of lithium-ion batteries, utilising an auto-cut smart charger for easy charging.

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Go Anywhere. Everywhere

Feel the wind on the street with a staggering range of 150 KMS* with max speed of 60 KMS* in a go. Let's meet outside the house.

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Carry Anything. Everything

With an ample loading capacity of 150 KGs excluding rider, you can carry anything and everything along with you.

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Adventurously yours

The sturdy body and the powerful battery makes it fit for challenging roads and off road experience.

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Backed by Powerful Battery

Packed with a powerful 4 kW,LFP,IP67 battery, Tuff+ is all set for those adventures.

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Charges Like a Pro

Ran out of Battery? Chill, it'll take just 6-7 HOURS to put you on your wheels again.

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Super Secure

Relax. Feel Secure, Tuff+ sturdy body is embedded with an Anti-theft alarm and Handlebar Lock.

Making your everyday dutiesFaster, Smoother and Easier



The Tuff+ has been given a green signal to fly on Indian roads by International Centre for Automotive Technology.


Relax, We got you covered. Ride hasslefree with SES warranty support programme.


Never get a flat tyre again. Tuff+ comes with tubeless tyres to enjoy the ride without a mess.


The ruff and tuff vehicle comes with a Can based display fitted in its sturdy body unapologetically.


Equipped with a portable Auto Cut-Off based Charger, so that you can charge anywhere at your convenience. Isn't that smart?




Type 4 kW,LPF,IP67-Water Proof
Motor Wattage 1500 W
Charging Time 6-7 hours
Charger 850W


Seating Capacity 1+1(Optional)
Max Speed 60 KMPH*
Mileage 150 KMS*
Loading Capacity 150 KGS


Rear brake Drum
Shocker Absorber Front Telescopic
Shocker Absorber Rear Coil type

Dimensions & Body

Body Type Metal Body
Front Rim Metal Rim
Width 650 mm
Length 1700 mm
Height 990 mm
Tyre 90/100-10


An EV loader, also known as an electric vehicle charger or EV charging station, is a device designed to safely and efficiently transfer electrical energy from a power source to an electric vehicle's battery. These loaders come in various configurations, ranging from Level 1 (120V) to Level 3 (DC fast charging), catering to different charging requirements and vehicle types. EV loaders typically consist of a charging cable, a control system, and a user interface. The control system manages the charging process, ensuring optimal power delivery and monitoring the battery's state of charge. The user interface, which can be a simple LED display or a more advanced touchscreen, allows users to initiate, monitor, and terminate the charging process. EV loaders can be installed in various locations, such as residential homes, commercial buildings, public charging stations, and even along highways for long-distance travel. They play a crucial role in promoting the adoption of electric vehicles by providing convenient and accessible charging infrastructure.
Implementing high-speed EV loaders offers numerous benefits to both electric vehicle owners and the broader ecosystem. These advanced charging solutions provide a more convenient and efficient charging experience, addressing range anxiety and promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Firstly, high-speed EV loaders significantly reduce charging times, allowing drivers to replenish their vehicle's battery and continue their journey quickly. This is particularly beneficial for long-distance travel, where minimizing downtime is crucial. With the ability to add hundreds of miles of range in a short period, drivers can confidently plan their routes without worrying about lengthy charging stops. Secondly, these loaders offer increased flexibility and convenience. Their widespread availability at strategic locations, such as highways, shopping centers, and public spaces, ensures that electric vehicle owners can easily find charging points wherever they go. This seamless accessibility encourages more people to embrace electric mobility without range limitations. Furthermore, high-speed EV loaders support the growth of sustainable transportation by enabling more efficient use of energy resources. By delivering power quickly and efficiently, they minimize energy losses and contribute to a more environmentally friendly charging infrastructure.
In the rapidly evolving Indian electric vehicle market, Tuff+ has emerged as a prominent player in the commercial scooter segment. Designed with the needs of last-mile delivery services and urban commuters in mind, the Tuff+ scooter offers a practical and sustainable solution for businesses and individuals alike. Powered by lithium-ion batteries and equipped with an auto-cut smart charger, it promises easy charging and convenience. With a remarkable range of 150 km and a maximum speed of 60 km, this commercial scooter offers versatility and reliability for various transportation needs. Its ample loading capacity of 150 kg, excluding the rider, makes it suitable for carrying a wide range of goods. The vehicle's sturdy body and powerful battery make it suitable for challenging terrains and off-road experiences. Additionally, features like an anti-theft alarm, handlebar lock, ICAT approval, and a three-year warranty support program ensure safety, security, and peace of mind for users.